Guided by theory and enabled by synthesis, the NanoTech Institute develops new science and technology exploiting the nanoscale.

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It was pretty brazen of then-16-year-old Ray Baughman, drenched and wearing his Sunday best, to trek around the University of Pittsburgh one rainy summer day in 1958 making cold calls on various professors by knocking on doors. But Baughman had an earnest request…

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2018 Events

Join us at a maker-themed evening Friday, October 19th at The Perot Museum of Nature and Science!

See the future of nanotechnology by learning how artificial muscles are being created using both high- and low-tech solutions, and how they are being incorporated into smart textiles, changing the way we think of wearable technology.

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We invented carbon nanotube artificial muscles and have demonstrated that these muscles provide over 100X the force generation capability of natural muscles and 2X the rate capability.

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Check out our extensive facilities for synthesis and characterization of nanostructured materials.

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Our publications start with “Straining to Expand Entanglements“.

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About Us

The Alan G. MacDiarmid NanoTech Institute is a research center that attracts interdisciplinary scientists from around the world and is dedicated to original science and technological discoveries on the nanoscale.