Month: August 2009

TxACE Funds 11 Projects

The Texas Analog Center of Excellence at UT Dallas has awarded nearly $3 million to Texas researchers to develop analog technology that enhances public safety and security.

The projects funded by the grants are intended to:

  • Enable a new generation of devices that can scan for harmful substances such as explosives and chemical agents by researching 200-300-GHz silicon integrated circuits for use in spectrometers.
  • Significantly reduce the cost of in-vehicle radar technology that could help improve automotive safety by researching circuit techniques that can improve manufacturing and lower test and packaging costs.

“We’re excited to announce this first round of funding, which will be followed by another round early next year focused on medical, health and energy-independence technology,” said Dr. Kenneth O, director of TxACE. “We are committed to being a catalyst for technology development in key areas of importance.” (more…)