Director’s Message

The Texas Analog Center of Excellence (TxACE) is leading analog research and education. As of October 14th of this year, the Center is 10 years young. Over the past 10 years, TxACE has supported research for 121 PI’s and Co-PI’s at 44 institutions all over the globe. Seven of them were from the State of Texas (SMU, Rice, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, UNT, UT Austin, UT Dallas). Almost 200 Ph.D., 72 M.S. and 38 B.S. degrees were awarded to TxACE supported students. TxACE has published 661 conference papers and 212 journal papers. TxACE faculty members have started three companies (Movellus, Formula Electronics, Insilixa) and TxACE has issued 16 IP license agreements. Our works on IC testing, clock generation, I/O circuits, power management circuits, and millimeter wave circuits and systems have been incorporated into the products and engineering processes of member companies.

This year the Center together with SRC, its member companies and other agencies has been brain storming on the future research directions. Some key research directions under consideration are advanced sensors, analog-digital mixed signal hybrid computing to improve energy efficiency of artificial intelligence, security of mixed signal hardware, and using these technologies to foresee the future to prevent failures or mitigate their impact.

The Center is continuing to excel in research. As always, there are too many accomplishments in the past year to list all here. A selected list includes demonstrations of a 56Gb/s mixed-signal PAM4 quarter-rate receiver employing a single-stage CTLE and a DFE with 1 FIR and 1 IIR-tap to efficiently compensate for more than 20dB channel loss while achieving an energy efficiency of 4.63mW/Gb/sec, a sub-baud rate clock data recovery circuit that improves energy efficiency of I/O’s, a technique that reduces the startup time of crystal oscillator by 15X, and techniques that suppress spurs by 15dB and improve the phase noise by a maximum of 25 dB at offset frequencies between 4MHz-200MHz from a 1.4-GHz carrier.

The TxACE laboratory is continuing to help advance integrated circuit research by making its instruments and expertise available to researchers and our industrial partners all over the world.

I would like to thank the students, principal investigators and staff for their efforts, and UT Dallas, the University of Texas System, TI, and SRC, as well as many friends of TxACE all over the world for their generous support. As we start our 2nd decade, I look forward to working with the TxACE team to make our world better through our research, education and innovation.

Kenneth K. O, Director TxACE
Texas Instruments Distinguished University Chair Professor
The University of Texas at Dallas