Active TxACE Research Summary
PI Task Title Thrust Affiliation
Nikolić, Borijvoje Mixed-Signal Design Centering in Deeply Scaled Technologies FA UC Berkeley
Mukhopadhyay, Saibal Distributed Power Delivery Architecture for 2D and 3D Integrated Circuit EE Georgia Tech
Palermo, Samuel Advanced ADC-based Serial Link Receiver Architectures FA Texas A&M
Blaauw, David Shortstop: Fast Power Supply Boosting for Energy-Efficient, High-Performance Processors EE Univ. of Michigan
Geiger, Randall Performance and Reliability Enhancement of Embedded ADCS with Value-Added BIST FA Iowa State
O, Kenneth Demonstration of 180-300 GHz Transmitter for Rotational Spectroscopy SSH UT Dallas
Lee, Mark Evaluation of Frequency and Noise Performance of CMOS 180-300 GHz Spectrometer Transmitter and Receiver Components SSH UT Dallas
Henderson, Rashaunda On-Chip Integration Techniques for 180-300 GHz Spectrometers EE UT Dallas
Hanumolu, Pavan Kumar Digitally-Enhanced Clocking Stratgies To Improve Engery-Efficiency of Serial Links EE UIUC
Flynn, Michael 10GS/s+ Resolution-Scalable (4-7 bits) ADCs FA Univ. of Michigan
De Lucia, Frank Design Spin Reduction via Integrated THz Design: Applications, Physics, and System Engineering SSH Ohio State
Chen, Degang Precision Test without Precision Instruments – A Neccessity for Future On-Chip Self-Test and Self Healing FA Iowa State
Li, Peng Statisical Analog Design Property Checking FA Texas A&M
Ozev, Sule Built-In Self-Test Techniques for Test, Calibration, and Trimming of Power Management Units: PMU-BIST EE Arizona State
Makris, Yiorgos Process Variation Anatomy: A Statistical Nexus Between Design, Manufacturing and Yield SSH UT Dallas
Kim, Jaeha Fault Coverage Analysis of Analog/Mixed-Signal Tests Based on Statistical Dissimilarity FA Seoul National Univ.
Al-Dhahir, Naofal Energy-Efficient Sinal Processing Techniques for Smart Grid Heterogeneous Communications Networks EE UT Dallas
Kinget, Peter Hybrid Two-Step PLLs for Digital SoCs in Nanoscale CMOS FA Columbia
Babakhani, Aydin Sub-Picosecond Synchronization of Widely Spaced Imaging Arrays SSH Rice Univ.
Nikolić, Borijvoje Injection-Locked Ring Oscillators for Clock Distribution in Manycore Processors FA UC Berkeley
Niknejad, Ali 50 GS/s and Beyond Frequency-Interleaved Energy-Efficient ADCs FA UC Berkeley
Temes, Gabor Micro-Power Analog-to-Digital Data Converters EE Oregon State Univ.
Ma, Dongsheng Enabling Fully-Integrated VHS CLK-Sync Multiphase Switching Regulators on Silicon EE UT Dallas
Raychowdhurry, Arijit Embedded & Adaptive Voltage Regulators with Proactive Noise Reduction for Digital Loads Under Wide Dynamic Range EE Georgia Tech
Rosenbaum, Elyse IC Design for Resilience Against System-Level ESD FA UIUC
Blauuw, David Low Power Applications of FRAM EE Univ. of Michigan
Palermo, Samuel Design Techniques for Modulation-Agile and Enegery-Efficient 60+GB/s Receiver Front-Ends EE Texas A&M
Lee, Hoi High-efficiency High-voltage Power Converters EE UT Dallas
Lee, Mark RF and Mized Signal Quantum CMOS Devices and Circuits FA UT Dallas
Ma, Dongsheng On-Chip AC-DC Power Conversion with Ground Disturbance Shielding for Environmental Sensing Applications EE UT Dallas
Choi, Wooyeol Demonstration 180-300 GHz Receiver for Rotational Spectroscopy SSH UT Dallas
Chiu, Yun 50GSPS+ TI Hybrid SAR ADC Array with Comprehensive DDI Calibration FA UT Dallas
Akin, Bilal Condition Monitoring of PM/IPM Motors through Axial/Radial Leakage Flux EE UT Dallas
Torlak, Murat Robust High Resolution Techniques for Millimeter Wave Radars in Complex Environments SSH UT Dallas
O, Kenneth Feasibility of CMOS Transmitter and Receiver for 500-Gbps Communication over Dielectric Waveguide SSH UT Dallas
Ma, Dongsheng High-Speed Compact Power Supplies for Ultra-Low-Power Wireless Sensor Applications EE UT Dallas
Akin, bilal State of The Health (SOH) for IGBT: Incipient Fault Characterization and Degradation Monitoring EE UT Dallas
Pourkamali, Siavash Development of Wide-band Vibration Sensors Based on Existing Process Platforms SSH UT Dallas
Henderson, Rashaunda Transition Design for High Data Rate Links at Submillimeter Wave Frequencies FA UT Dallas
Chiu, Yun CMOS GSPS 12-Bit SAR ADC Array with On-Chip Reference Buffers FA UT Dallas
MacFarlane, Duncan Development of Dielectric Waveguides for THz Radition Applications SSH SMU
Mukhopadhyay, Saibal On-line Self-Testing and Self-Tuning of Integrated Voltage Regulators EE Georgia Tech
Ozev, Sule Multi-Modal BIST Design and Test Metrics Evaluation for Analog/RF Circuits FA Arizona State
Li, Peng Hierarchical Analog and Mixed-Signal Verification Using Hybrid Formal and Machine Learning Techniques FA Texas A&M
Chatterjee, Abhijit Automated Cross-Level Validation and Debug of Mixed-Signal Systems in Top-Down Design: From Pre-Silicon to Post-Silicon FA Georgia Tech
Sathe, Visvesh Robust, Efficient All-Digital SIMO Converters for Future SOC Domains EE Univ. of Washington
Flynn, Michael High-Resolution Low-Voltage Hybrid ADCs for Sensor Interfaces FA Univ. of Michigan
Harjani, Ramesh Direct-Battery-to-Silicon Power Transfer in Advanced Nanometers CMOS EE Univ. of Minnesota
Hanumolu, Pavan Kumar Low Power Area Efficient Flexible-rate Energy Proportional Serial Link Transceivers EE UIUC
Moon, Un-ku Ringamp-assisted Circuits/Techniques and Next-generation Ringamps FA Oregon State Univ.
Geiger, Randall Robust Reliable and Practical High Performance References in Advanced Technologies FA Iowa State
Seok, Mingoo EDAC and DCDC-Converter Co-Design for Addressing Robustness Challenges in Emergin Architectures EE Columbia
Maghari, Nima Leveraging CMOS Scaling in High Performance ADCS FA Univ. of Florida
Chen, Zhong Area-Efficient On-Chip System-Level IEC ESD Protection for High Speed Interface Ics FA U Arkansas/ Fayetteville
Lee, Jaeho 3D IC Thermal Management Based on TSV Placement Optimization and Novel Materials EE UC/Irvine
Kim, Chris Mitigating Reliabilty Issues in Analog Circuits FA Univ. of Minnesota
Eisenstadt, William Test Techniques to Approach Several Defect-per-billion for Poiwer Ics EE Univ. of Florida
Schaumont, Patrick Pre-computed Security Protocols for Energy Harvested IoT SSH/EE Virginia Tech
Sanyal, Arindam Low-Power Mostly Digital Time-Domain Delta-Sigma ADCs for IoT FA Univ. at Buffalo
Johnston, Matthew Distributed Silicon Circuits and Sensors in 3D-Printed Systems for Wearable IoT Sensors SSH Oregon State Univ.
Bhunia, Swarup Intrinsic Identifiers for Database-Free Remote Authentication of IoT Edge Devices SSH Univ. of Florida
Sun, Nan Ultra-Low-Power Compressive Sensing Techniques for IoT Applications EE UT Austin
Mukhopadhyay, Saibal A System-In-Package Platform for Energy Harvesting and Delivery for IoT Edge Devices EE Georgia Tech
O, Kenneth Reduction of Low Frequency Noise Impact in Nano-Scale CMOS Circuits FA UT Dallas
Akin, Bilal Fault Characterization and Degradation Monitoring of SiC Devices SSH UT Dallas
Ma, Dongsheng Gate Driving Techniques and Circuits for Automotive-Use GnA Power Circuits EE UT Dallas
Lee, Gil High Performance Micro-supercapacitor on a Chip Based on a Hierarchical Network of Nitrogen Doped Carbon Nanotube Sheets Supported MnO2 Nanoparticles EE UT Dallas
Torlak, Murat Novel Super-resolution and MIMO Techniques for Automotive and Emergin Radar Applications SSH UT Dallas
Prasad, Shalini Performance of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas Sensors SSH UT Dallas
Makris, Yiorgos Adaptive Trimming and Testing of Analog/RF Integrated Circuits (Ics) SSH UT Dallas